Are We Challenging Our Kids Enough?


I don’t want my kids to be normal. I want them to shock the world. To be different. Unusual. Peculiar. Intriguing. To eventually standout, lead and make a difference. I’m not entirely sure of what that may look like, but I will give them  every opportunity to achieve at a high level in their lives. […]

Black Dads Are Doing The Best Of All | NY TIMES


Here’s some truth about Black Dads.  Whenever I don’t have the time to write do to work, other freelance projects or life as a father obviously, I like to post articles that I find thought provoking, challenging and hopefully engaging to you as my readers.   While it is true that black parents are less […]

Around The Web: Sho Baraka – Fathers, 2004


Positive Images of Black Fathers. Though my blog is focused on writing about fatherhood as a role, I will from time to time post images, videos and pieces that help to do away with any negative thought lines about fatherhood in the black community. Hence, enter Sho Baraka’s recent video – Fathers, 2004 A beautifully directed […]

The Unconventional Life Breeds Adventure


The common truth about everyday life routine is that it leads to stability within the home and creates a positive environment for kids to flourish and develop the most crucial of social skills, that will ultimately pave the way to success in their adult lives. Okay, that was pretty long winded and unnecessary, so let […]

Video: Dad’s First Day


Monday January 11th. It was a bittersweet day for me. When you’ve worked at the same place for over 10 years, co-workers become extended family. And you know how hard it is to leave family. To leave a place you consider home. Its an experience I had recently. Leaving one job for another. In the […]

Tele-Summit Interview with Joyful Parenting


A few months ago I was contacted by Elizabeth Stitt from Joyful Parenting to do 1 of 20 interviews for a tele-summit she was putting on to celebrate dads. Its called  – “Let’s Hear it for the Dads: Conversations about Fatherhood”. I was of course both surprised and honoured that she selected me to be […]